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Behind The Back Bar

Born in Charlotte, North Carolina makes me a native to this area. I like to say that I am from the metropolitan area considering I spent multiple years in the surrounding areas of Cleveland, Lincoln, Gaston, as well as Mecklenburg Counties. 

A wife and a stay-at-home mother for many years gave me the opportunity to Explore various facets of life. 

I had to first go back to Central Piedmont Community College and obtain my high school diploma, from there I enrolled into ECPI College of Technology where I studied Computer Networking.

Although this was a great use of my hands it did not meet and satisfy the desire of how my hands should be used.

I began to explore other options eventually I came across Paul Mitchell Academy in Gastonia, NC where I obtained my Esthetician diploma. I yearned for a deeper knowledge so I soon followed with enrollment into Southeastern Institute studying neuromuscular massage and trigger point therapy. Graduating with honors I became an NC Lmbt in 2009. As my family continued to grow my desire to want to add more to my education began to also grow. What's a better way for a stay-at-home mother to better herself t expanding her knowledge so when it is time to hit the work field she is equipped and prepared and not lost?

 I enrolled in Central Piedmont Community College their very first cosmetology class graduating in May of 2015 with my biggest accomplishment was obtaining my diploma becoming a licensed cosmetologist as well as my Associate's Degree in Arts and Applied science.

Bringing me to today I have been a wife to a wonderful husband for 20 years and a mother of Six children 5 daughters and one son ages ranging from 21 to 2, they have all traveled this journey with me and I am eagerly anticipating the application of all the education I have gained throughout the years. However, there is one thing that I have that can not be taught and that's passion. I feel that everyone should have the opportunity to indulge in body wellness. Nobody left behind. I took the long way round to get to where I am, But I am living proof that if you have passion, ambition, motivation if you are someone who is willing to create opportunities to put yourself in a position to be better to become more the sky is the limit. 

I am who I am today not because the people around me loved and believed in me not because they were cheering me on every step of the way but because I loved and believed in myself and loved the one who first loves me, My God. It is great to have a supporting cast but that may not always be the case your vision is your into your future no one can execute your vision like you.

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